My Vim Plugins - 2


vim-colorschemes is a collection of colorscheme from My favorite is Tomorrow-Night-Eighties which looks like this: Tomorrow-Night-Eighties image

This plugin has a lot of colorschemes, I don't think I will ever have a chance to try all of it


netrw is a must-have plugin if you often connect to remote server. Instead of editing file on the remote server, you can use netrw to do some editing right in vim.


Looking for buffer in vim is a bit hard for me. I often forget which buffer I'm editing and it makes my typespeed a bit slow. minibufexpl helped me a lot with providing tab-like buffer. minibufexpl image


Sometimes, we want to align a few line which have a specific character. Let's say that I want to align 5 lines based on equal symbol. After I block those line in visual mode I can use :Tabularize /= to align them. We can also map it into another combination. In my case, I use this kind of mapping: tabular image


vim-less give us syntax highlighting, auto completion, and so on. Nothing special but useful when we want to edit .less file.